Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Euro-Sprinters as a private person?

As a private person you are welcome to use the services of Euro-Sprinters. Because you are not registered for VAT, you will have to pay for our services in cash. The payment needs to be done at the loading address. Not there? No problem, you can also pay by bank transfer. Once we’ve received the proof of payment we can plan your transport.

How can I place an order with Euro-Sprinters?
  • By phone: you can reach our Customer Care service 24/7 , even on public holidays, by calling 080032233.
  • By e-mail: you can also place your order by e-mail via
    • Our mails are treated on business days between 7:30-17:00.
  • Online: to book your transport online you need a personal login and password.

Please take in account that your first transport needs to be ordered by phone or e-mail, afterwards you can receive a login.

How can I ask a login?

You can submit your information through this link.

If you’re already a client you will receive a login immediately.

If not, we will provide you with a login after your first carried out transport with us.

Can I track my shipment?

You can track your shipment in real time using our online tool. Do you prefer to be informed by e-mail? No problem! We can send you an automatic e-mail when your goods have been picked-up and delivered.

Do my goods have to fulfil any specific conditions?

Euro-Sprinters carries goods from 1g to 24 ton. The goods need to be packed to be protected against all the transport risks.

How does Euro-Sprinters calculate their kilometres?

The kilometres are calculated from the point of departure nearest to the loading address, then to the next loading and/or unloading addresses, and finally back to the point of departure. The points of departure are fixed and have been established in advance by Euro-Sprinters nv. The number of kilometres to be travelled is determined with the aid of the maps software based on the fastest route.

When do I pay a fixed price?

For transports which are shorter than 45 km (type 450), 75 km (type 800) and 125 km (type 1500) a fixed price will be charged instead of the price per kilometre.

How is the fuel surcharge calculated?

The fuel surcharge is calculated on the basis of the cost-price index of the Belgian Road Transport & Logistics Institute (ITLB) (fuel, national transport and general). The average index for the year determined by Euro-Sprinters nv is compared to the index for the month prior to the month in which the invoice is sent, and multiplied by 8.8. This amount is adjusted to 80%.

What is the difference between a dead freight or an annulation?


Dead freight

The driver is not on his way to the first address.

The driver is on his way to the first address or has arrived.

Free of charge

With charge

this is also valid for problems during the transportation. E.G.:

there aren’t any goods at the loading address, the goods are to big/heavy for the chosen vehicle

Why is there an administration cost mentioned on my invoice?

A 5.00 EUR administration charge will be added if the amount of your invoice is less than 50.00 EUR excl. VAT.

How can I pay on delivery?

Euro-Sprinters offers the receiver multiple electronic payment options on the spot. Cash payments are possible by exception, on request.

Mobile payment *
The Payconiq/Bancontact app or one of many banking apps gives you the possibility to pay at a safe, easy and simple way.
Scan the variable QR code that the driver offers you and make your payment in a few seconds.

Pay with card
Our driver will have a payment terminal with him which gives you the possibility to pay with your debit or credit card.

Contactless payment
NFC or contactless payment is also one of the options, but only if your smartphone or card allows it. Keep in mind that the amount of contactless payment is limited to € 25,00 per operation.

* To pay with your smartphone, you must first take the necessary actions before the arrival of our driver: Download the PayConiq/Bancontact app or the app from your banking institution; register with this institution and link your bank account to the app.

For more information, visit the Payconiq / Bancontact website or contact your banking institution.

Do you only transport within Belgium?

Euro-Sprinters provide his best service for all national transport in combination with an extensive European road transport network.

Do you only provide A-B transports?

Whatever your logistical challenge is, Euro-Sprinters is happy to think along with you.

Replace Santa for the delivery of your business gifts, send sensitive documents to your contact person, these are just some examples given of the many possibilities we offer you.

Discuss your project with one of our experts!